Review – ‘Give Me Your Skin’ – Oonagh Murphy and Tom Ross-Williams

This review by Emily Holyoake was originally published at Exeunt Magazine on 30 June 2017.

Written and performed by Oonagh Murphy and Tom Ross-Williams
Also performed by Kieton Brown-Saunders
Dramaturg: Lucy Wray

My partner and I talked about Give Me Your Skin for a solid hour after we left The Boat Shed, which in itself should qualify Tom Ross-Williams and Oonagh Murphy’s engagingly rebellious show as a success. The show covers an immense amount of ground in a short space of time; every angle you turn it, something glittery and new is revealed. This is a shotgun approach to smashing the patriarchy, a broad scattering of gameshow-style contests, personal anecdotes, musical theatre, conspiracy theories, manifestos, confessions, and arguments.

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