‘Seeing you is like being scared, or pushed, or woken up really suddenly.’


A one-act duologue between a celebrity and a fan.

Produced by New Model Theatre.
Directed by Tom Nicholas.


‘April, by Emily Holyoake, is a subtle account of internet dalliance…’

‘Extremely engaging, witty and thoughtful.’

‘…fresh, incisive, and funny…creating the intimate world of online friendship with startling clarity.’

‘There’s plenty of humour in the dialogue, but as the walls between Will and April are apparently torn down through the false intimacy of technology, the reality is that the exact opposite is happening. Eventually, the web of deceit and lies spun by both protagonists comes crashing down and as an onlooker you end up wondering exactly who has been the controlling power in the relationship after all – or indeed, if either of them were ever truly in control in the first place.’