scripts.jpgAlongside my own practice as a playwright, I have training and experience as a dramaturg. If you’re writing something for live performance and you’d like feedback, support, and an outside eye, I’d love to help!

How does it work?

  1. Stage one: we have a chat – by phone, Skype, or face to face – and we discuss where you’re at with the project, your aims going forwards, and what helpful feedback looks like for you.
  2. Stage two: you send me your script and I spend time with it, preparing for whatever kind of feedback we’ve agreed you’d like to try.
  3. Stage three: I deliver feedback on your script, guided by what we decided in our initial chat. This might be detailed annotations and questions throughout your script; it might be a further meeting to discuss in more depth together; or it might be a script report analysing specific areas like plot, characterisation, and theme.

My fee for all of the above is £120. If you’d like to discuss working together, please get in touch with me here.

If we get to the end of our time together and you’d like to share another draft or look at something in more detail, we’ll discuss what that looks like in terms of timescale and agree upon a further fee.

I also have experience in production dramaturgy, where a dramaturg forms part of a rehearsal process. I offer bespoke support for directors and their teams at any stage of production, from research and script development to rehearsal notes and documentation. I’ve also previously created/curated scripts for companies who work through devising, physical theatre, and dance, but who need a text-based version to learn from or for documentation. Please get in touch with me to discuss your project, your needs, and your budget.