‘People would still pay attention if I wasn’t…I’m not just an extension of Will.’

Exeter Phoenix 2nd, 3rd, & 5th December 2014

Consumed by the vicious, near-constant messages being sent to her by her ex-boyfriend’s fans, the last thing Jen needs is a visit from his co-star, Eli. But with Eli insistent that she should give Will another chance, and Will and Eli’s fans convinced that she’s getting in the way of true love, Jen decides that she needs to know the reality of the two men’s feelings for each other, regardless of the consequences.

Real Person Fiction is an intense new play which uncovers the hidden world of fandom, exploring online abuse, public personae and real lives.

Produced by Living Robot Theatre Company.
Directed by Harry Kingscott.


‘…a smart, snappy script with beautiful touches of poignancy – a strong, promising work that was delightfully disconcerting.’ Exeter Northcott Young Critics

‘…an intense, dialogistic two-hander…the technology may be new but the plot has classic lines…’ remotegoat

‘…the play has tapped into contemporary issues surrounding technology and the distance it places between people…’ Express and Echo