‘Probably because of your acne.’


I think I was on holiday in Cornwall when I got my first spot. I think I was about 12, although I might have been younger. I’m pretty sure it was on my chin, in the middle, right underneath my bottom lip.


It will always upset me that one of my clearest memories of my grandpa – who was so many brilliant things, and is totally disserviced by this one moment that’s crystallised in my brain – is of him asking me, loudly, ‘when are you going to get rid of all those spots then’?


At some point in my late teens, I noticed I had a large bump on the side of my neck, near my jawline, just underneath my ear. I asked a family friend who’s also a GP (and who’s always the best at calmly dealing with my ‘am I a freak?’ medical questions) what it was. He had a quick look and told me it was a raised gland. ‘Probably because of your acne.’

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