Significant Other: Undercover Synopsis

I told you I loved you and you didn’t say it back.  

A ten-minute duologue about trying not to break up.


‘Each play had a heart and relatable characters that I felt a connection with even in such a short space of time…Whether with romantic partners or old friends, The Pensive Federation have captured the humanity and reality of relationships near perfectly in this production.’ – Everything Theatre

‘…during plays such as Fake Fur CoatKids, and SuperKing: The Guest Room that feature same-sex couples, the events that unfold are likely to happen to anyone, regardless of their sexuality. The plays point out that in any relationship, one person is likely to be more emotionally-invested than the other (or at least more sure of the relationship’s realness and durability). The person who ‘cares less’ or has other options has the most leverage and capacity to hurt the other. Some things are universal.’ – Female Arts