by Emily Holyoake, after William Shakespeare

Play Dada Macbeth here

What is Dada Macbeth?
It’s a randomised Macbeth experience. Built in Twine, Dada Macbeth will randomise the text and stage directions of Act One of Macbeth for your performing pleasure.

How should I play it?
Ideally you’ll gather a group of friends, assign characters, and perform it. It’s a playscript after all. Or you can just try to read it, if you really think that’ll be fun for you.

Why is Scene Seven much much weirder than Scenes One to Six?
The speeches in Scenes One to Six are still ‘attached’ to the character Shakespeare originally assigned them to, and the lines within those speeches will appear in their original order. All of the lines in Scene Seven are completely randomised and will be assigned to Macbeth or Lady Macbeth as Twine sees fit.

Why is it just Act One?
Because I didn’t want to do any more than Act One.

Why did you make this??
In June 2022, I was given a Developing Your Creative Practice grant by Arts Council England. As part of that project, I’m learning how to use Twine as a tool to expand my storytelling. I’ve also been researching the question: ‘what is digital theatre?’ Trying to get to grips with that question brought me to the bigger question: ‘what is theatre and why should I care?’ In August 2022 I went through a period of believing I DID NOT CARE AT ALL, ACTUALLY. So here we go. This is what I make when I believe I don’t care about theatre.