“Mum’s clippers are legit, proper hairdressing ones, like one quick buzz and it’s just gone, a whole chunk is just on the floor and in your clothes and in your eyes – so if you’re, I dunno, already having a bit of a moment with your literal bald spots and then all of a sudden you get a message from someone you thought was a friend saying –”

Photo credit: Tasha Best

Ash and Jaz have been best friends since they can remember, and Ash knows she can only trust Jaz to keep her secret – that ever since she was little, she’s pulled out her own hair. She doesn’t talk to anyone else about it, and she spends hours every day trying to cover it up. So when Ash’s trichotillomania is suddenly the talk of their school, she knows there’s only one person to blame.

But when the two former friends unexpectedly find themselves face to face again after a summer apart, Ash finally feels like she’s in control. It doesn’t matter that she’s walked out of a party to go back to her old school’s sewing room, to steal back a project she says she doesn’t even care about. She’s at a new college now, with new friends and a new buzzcut, and she’s only thinking about the future. So who cares if Jaz is ready to talk – because Ash isn’t ready to listen.

PULL is a young adult play about friendship, control, and what it actually means to get better.


2021, Chronic Insanity, Theatre Deli, dir. Joe Strickland

Winner of Chronic Insanity’s New Writing Competition (2019)
Shortlisted for In Good Company’s Take Off scheme (2019)
Longlisted for Pint-Sized (2018), one of 100 plays selected from over 1600 submissions
Performed (extract) at the Palace Theatre as part of Jump Start (2018)